Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote and be deported

One reader wrote in to complain about today's strip, which he's absolutely, positively, "150% sure" is an example of Candorville "makeing up stuff all thu time!" (Since he was so creative with the spelling, I figured I'd leave it as it was). I was very surprised to learn that Mr. "Fuk off looser" (well, that's how he signed his letter) hadn't been paying attention to the news. Sadly there's no need to "make stuff up" when real life has become stranger than fiction.


Zirconia Wolf said...


What a conumdrum.

My goodness, what and who should I belive?

On one hand I have my eyes, ears, brain, the news, actual facts, the ability to do my own research and a (perfect, BTW) cartoon by a man who never misses a beat, minces his words or goes off half cocked.

On the other hand I have Mr. Fuk Off Looser.

Hmmm. Desions, desions....

-ZW (Andrea)

Geeze, and I thought MY spelling sucked.....

Tiffany said...

OMFG. I could never be a cartoonist, I couldn't deal with all the hate mail from stupid people. It would give me a really dim view of humanity.