Friday, November 03, 2006

October Surprise: the Saddam Death Sentence

October Surprises happen in November these days. After being delayed for nebulous reasons, the Iraqi court trying Saddam Hussein (a court whose logistics are largely controlled by agents of the United States) has decided to announce its verdict this Sunday, two days before the U.S. Congressional elections.

As President Bush faces mounting criticism over the war, a guilty verdict announced two days ahead of tight U.S. congressional elections on November 7 could reflect positively on him as a vindication of his policy to overthrow Saddam.

U.S. officials deny Washington had any say over the timing of the verdict or the court's decisions, saying the American role was limited to logistics and security.

Of course Washington had nothing to do with this timing. They'd never politicize something as important as this. Not this White House.


Tiffany said...

This makes me wish you'd draw editorial cartoons again. Been going through your editorial cartoon site, and there was some great stuff there. I guess you have your hands full with two comic strips though, huh? If you had to choose, I'd say you chose right. I loves me some Candorville.

Why am I not surprised about Saddam? I really don't think it's going to change people's minds about Iraq, but it might give a little bump that'll last a few days, just like when Zarqawi was killed, and that might be enough to win them the elections. Sigh.

Zirconia Wolf said...

TIFFANY : When you add this "October" Suprise with the oh-so-reliable people of the Diebold company, I'm afraid I must second your motion to sigh!

**Sigh, again**


Remember the Y2K said...

I was just wondering, Mr. Bell, what state are you in and are you voting Demo (like me except for gubernatorial (Repub, sorry, the demo guy has no idea how to handle discrimination policies, and gives drug addicts tax payers money) and local (independant, mayor)) or for other parties, or you don't vote by party or you're just not voting.

I don't think the verdict had squat to do with the mid-term election. Iraqis can't vote, simply because they're in Iraq. If Hussein was to get the death penalty, it would have to have been done by 30 days.

Remember the Y2K said...

I'm sorry, when I said drug addicts, I meant drug dealers. I'm from Taxachusetts.

The Pete said...

"I don't think the verdict had squat to do with the mid-term election. Iraqis can't vote, simply because they're in Iraq."

You're joking, right? The timing is obviously meant to make voters IN AMERICA think Iraq is on the right track. It's not meant to win over Iraqis. "October Surprises" are always about manipulating voters here with stuff that happens either here or overseas.

Wilfred Fan said...

I think the whole trial was a show trial. Hussein should've been tried at the Hague, or held until Iraq had a stable government and a stable judicial system, but that wouldn't have packed the same political punch.