Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm sorry about what you said I said.

What I learned this week:

1. John Kerry inadvertently insulting the intelligence of the troops is far worse than George Bush getting those troops stuck in Iraq without adequate manpower, armor, or planning. It's certainly far worse than Mr. Bush and his Congressional rubber stamps not having any plan (or intention, it seems) of getting our troops out of that bloody civil war he created.

2. Although John Kerry was a highly educated soldier who served with other highly educated soldiers, and has spoken on and on (and on and on and on) about the intelligence, nobility and capability of modern soldiers for more than thirty years, his one botched joke yesterday proves he thinks soldiers are morons.

3. John Kerry's gaffe is more newsworthy than 104 Americans dying in Iraq in one month.

4. It doesn't matter whether Kerry was joking about Bush or attacking the troops. He should apologize for what the Bush White House says he meant, whether he meant it or not.

5: The "I'm not going to stand for anyone distorting my awful, bungled jokes" Kerry is far more inspiring than the guy who ran for President in 2004:


Paul said...

I hope what Sen Kerry (and every other politician) learned is

- write your speech, read it word for word and don't ad lib.

- knock it off with the insult humor about your opponent.

- before you read your speech, give it to someone and ask "are there any sound bites here that could be misconstrued, pulled out of context and backfire?"

Unfortunately, this nonissue will have major repurcussions. Really impressive how some Democratic politicians are standing close, isn't it? If he'd just said "I'm sorry any American soldier could think I'd ever insult them. I'm sorry any American soldier would be used as political fodder to detract from the serious issues under discussion." Then go on with those other remarks.

By the way, Sen Clinton's remarks strike me as coming from someone who wants to ensure she has one less primary opponent to worry about.

Tiffany said...

Kerry screwed up when he decided to tell such a lame joke, and then screwed up the joke. But I do love his response to how the G.O.P. is using this non-issue to cover up their inability to give any reason why people should re-elect them.

Doug said...

The joke should have gone -

"Get good grades, and you can do anything. If you drop out of school, you end up in the White House getting 100 American soldiers murdered a month."

Just a little clarity for the bottom feeders in the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Kerry screws up one joke and the news media makes it story # 1 for the rest of the week. Bush screws up everything he says and regularly gets a pass from the "Liberal news media." Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

This may be off topic, but copy & paste this quick! Ann Coulter, complaining about how Democrats have been "dishonest" has been accused of cheating in a vote!:,2933,226838,00.html

Tiffany said...

Ann Coulter's never going to jail. That doesn't happen to celebrities. She'll get a slap on the wrist, and then go on to whine about "Godless" Liberals who don't care about the law, never mind that she's nothing more than a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the army and when I heard about Kerry's remark, it wasn't an exact quote. Of course by the time I got wind of it most of my coworkers were like "Kerry doesn't support us! He has no respect for the troops!" yada yada yada. Funny thing is, the guy that told me spent a year in Iraq. Yeah, like the current administration has done a lot for ya, bud. Fortunately I like to draw my own conclusions from other sources of info rather than word of mouth.

Doug said...

Anonymous, you're a dying breed. Conjecture and heresay are executable evidence, as the news has proven.

Stephanie said...

Anonymous, whenever I hear from people like you, it restores my faith in the fairness of humanity.

Anonymous said...

It only made sense to question it, honestly. I was thinking "Kerry can't be THAT stupid to say something like that. I'd better find out more information." After all he himself is a veteran. But thanks for the compliments guys.