Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Candorville causes bipartisan cooperation in Washington

Apparently Candorville is doing its part to help bridge the red state-blue state divide. I found this amusing item while I was Googling myself (hey, we all do it. Admit it.):

FromShea Andersen, at The Albuquerque Tribune:

"My thanks to James Brosnan, the Tribune's correspondent in Washington, D.C., for this item: After all the acrimony over the election count in New Mexico, Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Pete Domenici, an Albuquerque Republican, found time to chuckle when they met last week in Washington, D.C.

Richardson was in the nation's capital Wednesday to address a group of Democratic senators in his capacity of chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Domenici gave Richardson a copy of the cartoon strip Candorville, which recently featured the recount issue.

The strip by syndicated cartoonist Darrin Bell appears in the Tribune. This one featured a newscaster reporting that despite voting irregularities in New Mexico 'Democratic Governor Bill Richardson refuses to assist a statewide recount.' The final cartoon panel said, 'In a totally unrelated story, because John Kerry lost, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be one of the front-runners for the Democratic nomination in 2008.'

Richardson said Domenici was 'kidding me. I laughed.'

Richardson conceded that his failure to carry New Mexico for Kerry probably hurts his own national standing, 'a little. But it's over.'

I presume he means the election."

You can read Shea's entire column at the Tribune's website. I think his writing is insightful and witty. And I'm not only saying that because he spelled my name right.