Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wondercon in San Francisco This Weekend!

I'll be manning the National Cartoonist's Society booth at Wondercon this Saturday from 1-2pm, where I'll be hawking Rudy Park books and reviewing portfolios. If you'd like signed copies of the two Rudy Park books, Peace, Love & Lattes and The People Must Be Wired, please stop by. Also stop by if you're an aspiring cartoonist who's looking for candid feedback about your work (make sure you actually bring the work with you - I don't want to see you pantomiming your comic strip. Well actually, I do - that would be cool). Or if you just want to meet me or other cartoonists, Wondercon's a great place to do it.

Too bad the first Candorville book won't be out unti September or October (sigh)...


Anonymous said...

Hi Darrin! I came across your site by accident, but I'm glad I did. I'm definitely feeling this comic strip. Keep up the great work! I'll definitely feature it in the 'Blog' section of my website so my visitors can check it out. Peace.

D. Campbell

Ed said...

Hey Darrin,
I left a comment about the politics in your comics the other day, anyway, I read Sundays comic, (02)(27)(05) how ironic!! About attending cons, there is one coming up in Dallas in May and I think it would be perfect for you. The name of the con is CAPE! It is an event that showcases both mainstream and indie comics creators. I will leave the website for you so you can get the contact information. Id really like to see you at this show, I think that would be cool! Even though Candorville has the political slant, I still think its a great strip!

here's the website-

Ed Finley

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I love your comic strip. I've cut out some of them from the Sunday paper and put them up on our refridgerator. I love the political slant--finally someone voices the realities of our society!! Keep up the great work!

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks, Leslie! You may want to write to your local paper and tell them what you've told us. Reader feedback is the only way papers know which comic strips to keep and which to get rid of, and they listen to you a lot more than you might think.

Mr. Campbell, thanks for featuring Candorville in your blog section. And Ed, I'd love to go to CAPE, but I'm already doing a lot of travelling in May, including going to the Reubens in Scottsdale. I'll do my best to be there next year, though.

Thanks again, everyone!

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