Tuesday, February 15, 2005

DETROIT! Where'd Candorville go?

I woke up yesterday morning to find dozens of e-mails from Detroit readers asking where Candorville went. Apparently the Free Press pulled the strip yesterday. I'm not sure whether this is a permanent change or they're just trying out something new. If you live in Detroit and you want to keep reading Candorville, write to the Free Press and politely ask them to return Candorville to your comics page as soon as possible. This week's developments mark a turning point in the life of one of the main characters, and you dont' want to miss it.

Newspapers have to regularly update their comics pages to provide new stuff that appeals to an increasingly diverse readership. It's a shame they usually replace other new comics instead of the ones that are long since past their prime.

I've received a lot of feedback from readers in Detroit over the past year, so if you want to keep reading Candorville (and, incidentally, get some free stuff), now is the time to act:

As a bribe -- I mean, an "incentive," -- Anyone who writes a letter or e-mail to the Free Press and the News - and sends us a copy - will receive a free autographed sketch of Lemont, Susan and Clyde. If the Free Press restores Candorville after you send your note, you'll get a free signed copy of the first Candorville book when it comes out in the Fall. Also, Lemont and Clyde will mow your lawn for a month.

Detroit provides a lot of inspiration for Candorville. As a diverse city, Candorville is about you.


Anonymous said...

This really sucks. Candorville's much better than the other comics in the Freep, and WAY better than what they replaced it with. I already e-mailed them yesterday to register my disapproval.

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