Tuesday, February 15, 2005

DETROIT UPDATE: Candorville to Return on Monday!

It looks like Candorville's going to be back in the Free Press next Monday, so we can call off the hounds, put the pitchforks back in the barn and stow away the rest of our metaphors.

I have a source - let's call him/her "Deepthroat" - who assures me this is just a temporary test-run, and that as of next week Lemont, Susan and Clyde will be reporting back to the bus stop for their continuing adventures. Although word on the set has it Clyde's demanding more money and a bigger dressing room. Industry insiders speculate that if Clyde holds out much longer, he may be replaced by Flava Flav, or possibly Malcolm Jamaal Warner.

Keep writing letters, though. Even if Candorville's not on the chopping block, newspaper editors appreciate hearing from their readers. It helps them decide which features are working for you and why.

Remember, you will still get free stuff (a sketch and a signed copy of the first Candorville book) if you write to other papers that don't currently run Candorville (make sure you live in that city, and that you send us a copy of your letter), and that paper ends up adding Candorville within one year of the date of your letter.

Detroit readers, make sure you check out this week's comics online, because this week's developments might be very important for one of our main characters.


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