Monday, October 18, 2004

Candorville in San Francisco

No, it's not in the San Francisco Chronicle (yet), but it is on San Francisco's toilets. Lemont Brown, star of Candorville, has been seen on several posters mounted on outdoor bathrooms and kiosks in San Francisco for the past few weeks. He's there to lend his support to the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development commission's annual Pool Toss. The Pool Toss is a fund-raiser where San Franciscans bid on the right to toss a celebrity into a pool at one of the City's swanky hotels. The money raised goes to a great cause: acquiring and renovating run-down buildings to provide the poor with affordable housing, and providing day care for the working-class (and largely unemployed class) tenderloin community.

Laura and I will be poolside tonight, trying to stay dry.

You can find out more about the Pool Toss or donate to the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development's fund at TNDC's website.


Anonymous said...

I thought that looked familiar! When's it going to start up in the Chronicle? I read it in the Observer but they only run weekly.

Darrin Bell said...

I don't know. If you write them a letter encouraging them to run it, that would help expedite things.