Sunday, September 19, 2004

Candorville now running in Dallas and Santa Rosa

Candorville starts running today in the Dallas Morning News. Candorville has appeared Monday through Friday in Quick, a tabloid edition of the Dallas Morning News aimed at twenty-somethings, and in Al Dia, Texas' preeminent Spanish language paper (owned by the DMN), since 2003. Starting today, it'll also appear in full color, in the Sunday pages of the DMN!

Candorville also began running last week in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the great paper covering the San Francisco Bay Area for Sonoma, Santa Rosa and other Napa County cities.

We're honored to be appearing in those fine papers, especially since we have family in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and friends who read the Santa Rosa P-D.

The first person in each city to mail us a copy of the comics page will receive a free signed sketch of the Candorville cast, or a free signed print of the weekday strip of your choice. E-mail us for details.

If you live in Dallas or Santa Rosa and you like what you see, it would be a good idea to write to the paper and tell them so. If you live in Santa Rosa, click here to contact them. Papers need to hear from their readers to determine what you like to see. If you don't like what you see... um... disregard this last paragraph. I was only kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Looked great! I completely agree about the Barack Obama thing - but especially about Oprah.