Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dead people endorse Hillary Clinton

The Obama campaign apparently isn't the only campaign racking up endorsements. A couple days ago, Chris Dodd, his former primary competitor, jumped aboard the Obama train. The train made a stop in Georgia today, where super-delegate John Lewis, civil rights icon and former Clinton supporter, climbed aboard and switched his super-allegiance. But those endorsements pail in comparison to the coup Clinton pulled off. She managed to win the endorsement of dead Texas governor Ann Richards. They're not sure whether they can also win the support of Harriet Tubman, but anonymous Clinton insiders are optimistic they can count on Rosie the Riveter to help sway the crucial fictional character vote.

I really don't know how the Clinton campaign does it. Bunch of geniuses, over there.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Texas has been allowing dead people to vote for decades. I don't know why we shouldn't let the dead endorse candidates as well.
Many Texans believe that our rights begin before birth--why can't they extend beyond life?
And you call yourself progressive.