Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton set to disprove "Brazile Rule"

Hillary Clinton today continued her efforts to prove you can totally screw up a Presidential campaign even without the involvement of Donna Brazile. It's an ambitious goal, by the way, considering Brazile has been involved in a losing Democratic campaign almost every election cycle since Jimmy Carter (her latest gig was piloting the doomed Lieberman campaign of '04).

Concerns about the integrity of the 2004 vote in Ohio prevented Kerry from disproving the Brazile Rule (though he did try his best by conceding as quickly as possible when it appeared he was in danger of losing his loss of the state).

Many observers believe Clinton may succeed where Kerry failed because she's willing to stoop lower than -- well, pretty much anyone. Today, her campaign circulated a photo of Barack Obama wearing Muslim-looking clothes (a photo taken during a four-state tour of Africa last year. Wearing traditional attire is a custom most politicians adhere to when visiting Muslim nations).

If there's anything Democrats likely to vote in the upcoming primaries are sick of, it's race-baiting, fear-mongering, hypocritical (see picture to right) xenophobes who use the ghost of 9-11 to scare up votes. There's a good chance this will turn more people away from her than it will from Obama. A damn good chance. The Brazile Rule is on the ropes, baby.


Anonymous said...

She just lost my vote.

Ken said...

It now appears that the Clinton campaign's charm offensive might extend to challenging Texas Democratic party rules. This manages to be both annoying and trivial since these rules would alter the allocation of a few delegates at best.