Thursday, June 28, 2007

CNN is dead to me

Like most Americans, I care whether I live or die -- which means, by extension, I care about the state of our nation's health care system. So when I heard Michael Moore was going to appear on Larry King Live to discuss the failings and possible fixes for that system, I dutifully set my TiVo. What did I find when I tried to watch it? They'd bumped Michael Moore off the show so Larry could waste an hour chatting with Paris Hilton.

"CNN: the most trusted name in nonsense."

...Yeah, that was so much more relevant to our lives than what we could have gotten.


Dee said...

And WASTE is the only word for it, Darren! I was also looking forward to the interview with Michael Moore.

I watched the garbage with PH for about 10 min. and was sickened not only by her insincerety, but also by Larry's questions to find out if she had be actually cavity searched. The world wants to know, right? His name could have been Flint that night.

The only good thing is that he'll never live this down. So many viewers lost respect for him and CNN, that he might just as well call it quits. He's gone to the other side, just like Barbara Walters with all the celebrity crap!

Dee said...

Sorry I spelled your name and insincerity wrong!!

Captain Poncho said...

Of course, with it being Michael Moore, the world-famous serial liar, you're just as good watching Paris describe her ordeal at the hands of Sweaty Betty from cell block 3.

hugo said...

Nice to see that you are posting again!