Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Has Sean Hannity Gone Crazy?

OK, let me get this straight: If you criticize Sean Hannity and call for the impeachment of George W. Bush, that makes you an "Enemy of the State." (I know, I know, Hannity and his kind confusing a man - whether himself or the President - with "the State" isn't anything new).

I don't know what's worse -- the fact that Hannity chose to name a segment of his show after the favorite phrase of every dictator from Caesar to Hitler, the fact that anyone is actually watching that show, or the fact that I'm wasting my time commenting on it. At this point, commenting on the irresponsible behavior of the Fox News personalities may be no more necessary than pointing out how water is really, really wet.


Hugo said...

It is funny to see how people should become enemies of the state when they insult him.

Maybe he confuses the state with himself?

Paul said...

Sounds like a pretty good ratings ploy - which I think is true of what many commentators do. I really, really want to believe Hannity (and others) don't really believe what they're saying - but many who listen to them do.

One could say Sean Penn views Pres Bush as an "enemy of the state." If he'd just take up the challenge and go on the show so they could both defend their views I just might tune in. Unless there's a 'Law and Order' rerun on at the same time.

BTW - valid comments regarding Venezuala and other countries in the region. As far as leaders - Castro, Pinochet or others - regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, they kill to retain power while enriching themselves at the expense of their citizens.

Reggie said...

Ratings ploy or not, it's pretty sick to use a Nazi phrase as the name of your show segment.

Paul said...

Well, reggie, "sick" may be a bit harsh. "Enemy of the State" was also a Will Smith/Gene Hackman movie. It was also the title of a book about the development of Libertarianism - hardly a Nazi philosophy.

Darrin Bell said...

I'm not sure I'd use that film as an example if I were trying to cast the phrase "Enemy of the State" in a different light. In that film, Gene Hackman's character was basically a fascist and his pursuit of the innocent "enemy of the state" was unjust and Kafka-esque.

It was also used as the title of a book about Libertarianism, but in the context of the Hannity show, it's more evocative of the traditional usage than it is of Libertarianism. A good title to use if you want to give ammunition to those who already believe you're a jack-booted thug (which is a pretty good ploy if you want to boost your ratings, as you pointed out).

joloco said...

Remember there are still about 25% of deluded Americans who still support Bush and his war. Certainly Hannity and his ilk will always have an audience.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to how history is going to treat Hannity and Limbaugh. Look what their hero Mr. Bush has done and how vehemently they've defended him.

I disagree with torture, except in cases of Hannity and Limbaugh.

Let's send them to Baghdad.

K.C. said...

Asking if he's "gone crazy" implies there was a time when he was sane, and I'm not sold on that theory.