Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Candorville and Chicago

Mail keeps coming in from Chicago readers upset about the Tribune's decision to cancel Candorville. Curiously, many in Chicago seem to have assumed it was my decision to pull Candorville out of the Tribune, or that Candorville has ended. For instance:

Dear Mr. Bell,
I suspect you must receive a ton of complaints from Chicago when you criticize the government, but that is no reason to pull Candorville out of the paper like The Boondocks did. Maybe you don't realize that a lot of us read Candorville every day and appreciate your take on current events and look forward to reading what you have to say about modern life. The comics aren't the same without Candorville. Please bring it back.

Just to clarify for Chicago readers, I haven't ended Candorville, it was cancelled by the Tribune. I have no control over whether Candorville appears in the Trib. If you'd like to see it return, e-mailing me won't do it (although I appreciate it). If you'd like to make your feelings known to those who make the decisions, I would suggest you contact the Tribune directly and tell them what you think.

It's been an honor to appear in the pages of the Tribune for this long, and I hope those of you from Chicago will continue to follow Candorville online, perhaps in one of the other Chicago papers should they choose to pick up the strip, or in book form.


Hamilton said...

I read Candorville online all the time and didn't even know it ran in the Trib, and I'm from Chicago. I guess that goes to show how things have changed. I've gotten all my news online for years. I don't think I've dirtied my hands with newsprint since Bush was still executing mentally-challenged Texans.

Tiffany said...

I still read the papers. There's just some intangible quality to a comic strip on newsprint. I don't get the same effect on an LCD monitor.