Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is the Boogeyman dead?

First the crocodiles are denied their chance to bring Steve Irwin to justice, and now this...

The information purporting the death of the world's most sought after terrorist is based on what the newspaper calls "a usually reliable source," stating that Saudi intelligence sources "are convinced" of bin Laden's death.

The French intelligence report goes on to say, still according to the French daily, that bin Laden died in Pakistan on August 23 after suffering "from a severe bout of typhoid fever," and a bacterial infection provoked a paralysis of his lower body.

The Saudi intelligence report states that bin Laden's geographic isolation "rendered all medical assistance impossible. Indeed, U.S. intelligence sources have long believed bin Laden was hiding in remote parts of Pakistan, close to the border with Afghanistan, areas where sophisticated medical help would be difficult to obtain.

The news of bin Laden's death reached the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Sept. 4. If confirmed, that, in part, might explain the complete absence of Osama bin Laden from making any appearances on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon just outside Washington, DC.

The U.S. is skeptical, of course, as this wouldn't be the first time OBL has been reported to have gone to find his 72 virgins in the sky.


Paul said...

Sure hope he's dead. Let me predict the Left will proclaim "yeah, but Bush didn't get him" and the Right will respond "That's right - God did!"

Seriously - I find it interesting the French gov't's reaction to this is -- to open an inquiry into the leak! Maybe the French and American governments aren't so different, after all.

Darrin Bell said...

I wonder if you're still considered a martyr if you're killed by a bacterial infection. Even if you are, you probably only get 36 virgins for that.

As for the above, hypothetical right-wing retort, doesn't God get everybody? Anyway, if it were divine intervention, the least God could have done was take out bin Laden before he caused 9/11. Thanks a lot, God.

John Doe said...


Naw... I'm just playing. The Saudis say a lot of phony stuff. So do the Pakistanis. Why aren't we allowed to go into Pakistan, is it because they're hiding him so now there's too much suspicion going on so they report a phony death to drag US and NATO forces out so they can hatch another 9/11 (better watch out for buildings like the Library Tower or Empire or Sears!)
As for bas Tarden's death. He probably will blow himself up if surrounded. In fact, I think I can recall something about him saying that.

John Doe said...

Oh yeah, I know this isn't the place to ask, but as you've not replied to certain emails sent, do you support Affirmative Action, Lefts over Rights, Dems over Repubs, higher taxes for health care, or a larger or smaller government? Are you really Jewish (wikipedia), and is your wikipedia username cartoonguy?
Do you give 100% support of the ACLU, or not like some activities, like the God Hates Fags, blocking the Ukrainian and Cuban boys from getting political asylum, as the Ukraine was communist then (the Ukrainian kid WOULD have been tortured and/or killed), and they were both under 18. Do you support the draft, do you like ANYthing about Bush (I think he's a sock puppet of his dad), and what is your given approval rating for him? Who would you elect for '08? You can see certain people who might run.
Do you think Islam is peaceful, anddo you think the Pope should've said what he did (then you have to deal with that he can say what ever, HE'S the pope).
Do you like language reforms, Do you support unlimited immigration, or would you have a limit?
Do you like the Green Card Lottery, would you allow gays in the military, would you let Arabs immigrate has of now until the war is over, and do you believe in diversity or best worker?

Do you also support circumcision, foreskin restoration, and sex change operations?

Do you also "Support Our Troops", know how THEY feel and know that a lot of troops are conservative (Bush is VERY pro military). Are you pro military?
Do you support Concious Objective (spelling sucks), since there is no draft?
Do you think we should leave the Mideast immediately, or stay, or slowly withdraw?

What do you think the next big thing will be, for terrorism?

Do you believe in human evolution, or creation, or both?

Sorry for a lot in a blog.

Darrin Bell said...

Why are you asking me all those loaded questions? I don't mind discussing issues, but I'm curious: what's the point of this laundry list of random issues?

I answer e-mail from people who want to discuss issues I raise in "Candorville" (in relation to specific cartoons). Doing that takes up too much time already. I've never even mentioned most of the issues you raised, so I'm not sure why you care what I think about them.

I'll answer these questions: "Are you really Jewish (wikipedia), and is your wikipedia username cartoonguy?"

"That's what my mom tells me" to the first part, "no" to the second part.

The Pete said...

He forgot to ask your shoe size, and whether you wear boxers or briefs. LOL!

Doug said...

*sniff* John Doe smells like a troll. Go get a billygoat gruff, dude!