Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vote for Candorville in another ridiculous newspaper poll

Cartoonists hate them. Editors pay too much attention to them. Newspapers shouldn't use them. They're completely unscientific. The only people who do enjoy them are 105 year-old readers who live in fear that Beetle Bailey may get court-martialed and they'll have nothing left to live for. Coincidentally, they're the ones who have nothing else to do but sit around all day filling them out. You guessed it: it's time for another newspaper comic strip survey.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is running what another cartoonist described as a “keep or drop” survey. Strips on the chopping block include:

Dog Eat Doug
Fred Basset
Non Sequitur
Piranha Club
Red and Rover

Every reader can vote once a day (yes, I know, that makes no sense at all, but it's their rules) by e-mailing and naming one strip from that list you want them to keep, and one from that list you want them to drop. If you want to keep reading Candorville in the Pioneer Press, you need to e-mail them every day (I guess for the next month) and tell them to "Keep Candorville."

Candorville's always got a handicap in these polls, because while unfunny comics don't prompt a lot of hatred from readers, comics that discuss politics certainly do. Candorville has to contend with people who believe the comics page shouldn't explore anything more controversial than whether cats should be eating lasagna. You can bet all the people who are shocked by the issues discussed in Candorville are going to be writing in to get it dropped, and all the people who think it's just a "black interest strip" (believe me, there are plenty of those people out there) will be calling for it to get the axe, so it's up to you, the readers, to keep those guys from getting their way.

Vote Candorville, and vote often!


Zirconia Wolf said...

I suppose it goes without saying that the only votes they will listen to come from people who actually read the paper in question, right?

(I'm still pestering my paper to start running Candorville, but I think it's owned by those 105 year old readers!)

It's sad to see MUTTS on the list too! I'm a dog lover and always enjoyed that sweet (okay, sometimes sappy!) strip when I've been able to read it. (It's another one my paper won't run. Take away space from B.C. or Alley Oop?!? Perish the thought!)

This begs the question WHY do editors ever bother with thses stupid polls??? Is is something all papers do, or what?


Darrin Bell said...

It should go without saying, but unfortunately that's the most annoying part of most of these comics polls. They don't even ask where the people e-mailing them live. So if, hypothetically, they were running a cartoon created by someone on the Moon, you can bet they'd be flooded with e-mails from the Moon that would count just as much as e-mails from people who actually read their paper.

Just to be clear, I want people who actually read their paper or website (or who actually live in their circulation area) to vote. No moon-voting, please. Let's win fairly.

Paul said...

Okay, I was gonna vote but I'll follow your request and abstain, as I'm not part of their readership.

Incidentally, when you ask editors, in the name of consistency, to run a poll on "which columnists should we drop" or which editors, sports writers, community writers," do we want dropped" you'll get an answer that goes along the lines of, "ummmmmmmmmmmm."

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with Liberals, they insist on playing by the rules even when their opposition doesn't.

I know for a fact, Darrin, that several of those other cartoonists are getting all their friends, family & and as many readers as they can to write in for them. I live in Australia and was contacted by one of the cartoonists you mentioned who asked me to vote for him. You're going to get buried in that, buddy.

Sorry to burst your bubble of idealism, but when everyone's cheating, only a sucker plays by the rules.

Gail said...

Good (if rude) point. Anyway, I'm voting for Candorville.

I just want to add, that book I ordered arrived yesterday. Thanks for the sketch! When's the next book due out?


Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who believe that political comics belong on the editorial page. I will be voting against you every day.

Gail said...

Just curious, "anonymous," do you actually READ the St. Paul Pioneer Press?


Darrin Bell said...

Shhh, don't discourage him. Papers rarely drop a comic strip that gets high numbers of "drop it" votes, because that indicates those people are reading it. If it's like previous polls, they're going to drop the strips that get the fewest votes either way, because that indicates no one cares enough about them to write in.

Jeff B. said...

Just voted for Candorville and will vote every day. Not saying publicly which comic I want them to drop, because that would be bad form.

Thanks for the daily dose of sanity!

Elliot said...

Well, if "anonymous" guy's voting, I'm gonna vote. What a jerk.

St Paul resident and anti-Moonbat said...

I subscribe to the Saint Paul paper and I am voting frequently to drop you little cartoon. Especially after todays cartoon where you accuse Israel of trying to murder civilians.

You are one ingnorant moonbat tool.

Another St. Paul Resident said...

Why did Israel order cluster bombs if they were trying to be precise? Just so you know, I came here from Israel and am not anti-Israeli. But that Olmert's a jackass. Sharon never would have done what he did.

I'll vote if only to cancel out the vote of this "moonbat"-obsessed guy.

St Paul anti-moonbat said...

Can't Israel have a variety ("diversity" in liberal terms)of weapons? They are surrounded by millions of people who want to exterminate them.

So many people on the left seem to have a problem with the Jewish state trying survive. If you're from St Paul, perhaps you've seen the anti-Semites on the corner of Summit and Snelling. Protesting against Israel with swastikas on their signs. Those aren't Republicans.

St. Paul said...

How do you know that?? You don't know who those people vote for. I'm only recently from St. Paul, I'm from Israel originally so don't lecture me about swastikas and about who hates Israel.

I listen to enough liberal talk radio to know you're completely wrong about "the left" having a problem with my homeland surviving. I, and Candorville it seems, have a problem with Israel's tactics being counter-productive and creating more terrorists than it kills. Using cluster bombs and mines is NOT the way to take out missile launchers. Those weapons are very bad at precision strikes but very good at killing civilians indiscriminantly. A variety of weapons? Sure, but when you're at war you order the weapons you need for that war, and there's no good reason to order cluster bombs when you need precision weapons. Nothing's gone right since Rabin was killed, but at least under Sharon we had a leader who knew not to overreact.

I liked Candorville when I first read it last year, but I fell in love with it yesterday. If you think Candorville is anti-Israel, go read yesterday's cartoon about Iran and you'll see that you're wrong.

Chuck said...

I've been voting, and from the time I found the Press was considering the drop. I prefer Candorville over most of the others.
Israel didn't start the mid-east conflicts. Other mid-east nations have been trying to destroy Israel for thousands of years. They've not been successful, and there's a good reason for it...but those other nations can't accept facts.

Stupidity runs rampant in politics. It always will.

Reminds me--I've seen bumper stickers for two "Undeclared--non-candidates" already--for the Presidency in 2008. Opposite sides, opposite opinions. One, a PHD, the other a lawyer. Both, highly active, yet have stated "probably no". And both subject of "Draft" movements.

The two I'm talking about? Our non-candidate frontrunners.

Zirconia Wolf said...

Just wanted to say that I was not planning on "breaking the rules" and vote to keep Candorville in a paper that I don't read. (Don't want you to think that about me!)

I was just mostly curious as to why editors put sooooo much stock into these things, especially if they won't even take the time to verify who's actually voting!!


P.S. Is ANYONE else out there even a wee-bit concerned that a post about a comic-poll has quickly degenerated into (yet another) "Right v.s. Left" thing???