Thursday, August 10, 2006

BE AFRAID! Plot to bomb planes thwarted!

Nabbing a few poor Black people from the projects who surprisingly aren't fond of the government wasn't scary enough. Neither was foiling a boneheaded plot to flood Manhattan by bombing the Holland Tunnel - a scheme that didn't take into account the fact that New York is above the water level (you never know when water's going to decide to flow up though, so thank God Homeland Security was on the ball on that one). No, the latest election-year scare has been ratcheted up severeal notches on the Rove scale.

If they've already pulled an international large-scale plot out of their hat in August, they're going to have to top themselves in coming months. Expect American and British intelligence to thwart an attack on Disneyland by aliens from the rings of Saturn around, oh I don't know, late October.

Still, this could all be real, of course. Even the boy who cried wolf was eventually eaten.

**UPDATE: Surprisingly, the White House is seeking to capitalize on the alleged plot.

"I'd rather be talking about this than all of the other things that Congress hasn't done well," one Republican congressional aide told AFP on condition of anonymity because of possible reprisals.

"Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big," said another White House official, who also spoke on condition of not being named, adding that some Democratic candidates won't "look as appealing" under the circumstances.


Zirconia Wolf said...

Oh for the love of...

Just when I thought it was safe to start thinking that THIS time around the elections might actually be about, oh I dunno maybe THE ACTUAL ISSUES & THE DIRECTION OUR COUNRTY IS TAKEING OF LATE, the gop (I will no longer use capital letters for such a small minded group of people) not content to merly muddy the waters, trys to solidify them into pure sludge. (Yeah, I kinda suck at metephors. So sue me!)

I really enjoyed the part about how Democrats (in regards to them not wanting to milk the 9/11 tragidy for all it's worth) are not to be considered "unpatriotic" (gee, how nice) but are none the less "deeply and profoundly wrong." I guess even the die-hard gop members are growing tired of trotting out the ani-America/non-patriotic thing as their knee-jerk response to anyone who so much as questions their claim to be God's gift to American & humanity in gereral. (Kinda a strange claim, considering their actual feelings about non-Americans...or many Americans in gereral!)

All things considered, "profoundly wrong" is pretty darned tame for a slap from the right-side of the table. As a (desperate) Optimist, I would like to take it as a sign that it might actually be possible to start trying to bridge this whole Righ/Left thing (which, to my mind, has become down right scarey in it's depth) and find some ways we can all work together for the wellfare of our great Country.

The little Pesimist in me (with alot of help from the Sarcastic/Smart-Ass "B-word" side) has the view that:
A) Nothing like that is gonna be happening for a loooong time, that
B) The "profoundly wrong" slip will quickly revert to the standared anti Family/Apple Pie/Fill-In-The-Blank slurrs, and that
C) An un-healthy number of dyed-in-the-wool Bush Fans will be fumeing that they saw the word "wellfare" toward the end of my last paragraph, and be un-able to read any further.

(Oh yeah, the Non-Creationist/Neo-Pagan in me would really enjoy your "October Alien" senario. Plus, I can't say I give a darn about Disneyland! :) )


Zirconia Wolf said...

Interesting. Sad, but interesting.

I was going to add a "P.S" to my little rant.

I was going to explain that I was upset about the gop useing things like this as a twisted way to slur "Liberals", and NOT that I was makeing a claim about wheather or not these "terrorist plots" were real or not. (We will probabely never know the answer.)

I got to thinking that maybe I had a knee-jerk reaction of my own (we all have them once in a while) and that it really was rather unfair to accuse people of things they hadn't really done just yet.

So, I log on to update my post and see the new UPDATE that Darrin has posted regarding the White House, and how certain people there are already almost dancing in the street about how to use these events (real or not) as campain fodder.

**** sigh ****

Well, and least it doesn't make ME look like a total jerk.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone is taking this at face value. We have no way at all of knowing whether this "bust" was real. All we have is the word of the British and American governments. The same people who spun all those lies about Saddam's Iraq.

Are we supposed to take the word of liars?

Anonymous said...

(warning, gaming geek post ahead)

In World of Warcraft, to "get feared" into something means another player mashes a button to activate an ability that makes another player lose control over his or her character. You watch helplessly while your character runs around in crazy, random circles. While it's hilarious (and highly effective) to do this to someone else, it's highly annoying when it happens to you.

I'm really tired of Republicans spamming the fear button. Nerf Republican warlocks! >:(

Chuck said...

Just one thing to say about this, so I'll keep it short. It seems that the "Anti-GOP" are coming right out and playing the "LIAR!!" card. SHOW ME YOUR PROOF THAT THIS WAS A LIE. Truthfully, I'm just as sick of the propaganda on the right as the left. When you "Anti-GOP" start having your churches shut down, are afraid to go to your car because it might have been loaded with dynamite while you were sleeping, and are forced to wear an isolation suit because of the latest bombardment of biological agents... You'll be the ones complaining that the Govt. didn't do enough.

Something I noted when I was in high school, and it's just as true now as it was in the 70's--
"When you are involved in a war, there is one sure way to tell the conservatives from the liberals. The Conservatives are FIGHTING the war. The liberals are PROTESTING it."

Our freedom hinges on our ability to defend. Remove it, and you folks who are protesting now won't have a chance to protest.

To sign this as anonymous would be cowardly... so I shall sign my full name--and see what transpires from this little rebuke.

Charles W. Buckett

Gail said...

Sorry, Chuck, after several years of lying to us, it's the government that has the burden of proof when it comes to things like this, not the people who doubt the government's word.

-Gail (formerly Republican) Williams

Anonymous said...

"Something I noted when I was in high school, and it's just as true now as it was in the 70's--
"When you are involved in a war, there is one sure way to tell the conservatives from the liberals. The Conservatives are FIGHTING the war. The liberals are PROTESTING it.""

I highly doubt that's true (do you have any data to back that up?). Look at the current generation of leaders. Most of the veterans in Congress seem to be Democrats. Most of the so-called conservatives who run our country dodged the war.

Anonymous said...

"When you "Anti-GOP" start having your churches shut down, are afraid to go to your car because it might have been loaded with dynamite while you were sleeping, and are forced to wear an isolation suit because of the latest bombardment of biological agents... You'll be the ones complaining that the Govt. didn't do enough."

Um... Dude, none of that's been happening. See how scared your leaders have gotten you?

Chuck said...

It's not happening here, sure is in Iraq. The reason it isn't happening here is that the Govt. is watching for such stuff.
As for "None of this stuff has been happening"... Not really true-- or have you forgotten--Or maybe you just didn't believe--How many anthrax deaths were there? Cause? A terrorist--Whether one of our own citizens or not, a terrorist.

To Gail: The government has been lying to us for years, eh? All the GOP I suppose. Maybe this rings a bell-- "I did NOT have a relationship with that woman."

As recently as just a few months ago, someone in --I don't remember the country for sure, it may have been Iraq, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia--a mid-east country was condemned for being a Christian. The reason it hasn't happened here, our constitution.

Car bombs--don't occur over here? Well, let's see...Oklahoma city ring a bell? How about the first attack on the WTC?

Our government is watching out for us, believe it or not. If the "Anti-GOP" (note, I do not say Democrats, nor Green Party, nor Communist) regain power-- I fear for you. I fear for Israel. And I fear for America.

As for my observation--No, I have no data to back it up. It is an OBSERVATION, not a survey.

Gail said...

Chuck, you're not making much sense here. If it's not happening here because of Bush's illegal surveillance programs (which is what I think you're saying), then we would have heard about plots being foiled and people being caught. We haven't. They tried to tell us they caught some people in Miami, but that turned out to be hyped. This indicates that it's not happening here because people aren't seriously trying to carry out these kinds of attacks.

Anthrax? Now that you bring it up, tell us why the Republican justice department never investigated the anthrax attacks? Tell us why, coincidentally, all the anthrax attacks were aimed at the Media and at Democratic Senators (no Republicans) who were on the fence about voting for the Patriot Act?

Yes, all the lies to get us into Iraq were coming from the GOP. Democrats repeated them because of the slanted, false intelligence the White House shared with them. That's why as of 2004, this life-long Republican officially became a registered Independent, and why I'm voting for a straight Democrat ticket come November. They're the only ones who can hold these liars accountable.

And do you realize how stupid it sounds to compare Bill Clinton lying about a blow job to George Bush lying to get us into a war that's killed 2600 Americans, maimed at least 15,000 for life, killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and shattered the world's respect for us?

-Gail (formerly Republican) Williams

Bogus Brook Resident said...

While trying to determine which Congress members received the deadly bio-agent Anthrax, I ran across a paper, "Govt. by Anthrax".
Very interesting reading--if you like fiction. Few facts, mostly speculation and theory. It's the conspiracy theories that really make me want to barf. I admit to some bias--but tell me, How can other governments learn of a coming invasion which would not occur until after Hijackings which take out the Towers? It seems to me that you are accusing our own government of destroying our own buildings, our lives, our economy--for negligable gain. I sincerely hope I am mistaken in this call.

Tell me-- did you, or anyone you know, lose anyone in the attacks? My family came very close-- One, a pilot, was changed from a doomed flight to an international flight. Another overslept that morning--but would have transferred from one bus to another right at the center, at the time the planes hit.

I have no fear of our Government. My fear is those who try to read conspiracy into everything.

gail said...

I don't know what you're talking about, "other governments learning of a coming invasion..." I simply ask the question: Why was it only Democratic Senators who were on the fence about the Patriot Act who received anthrax attacks? And why has there been no investigation by the (Republican) Justice Department into this biological attack against Democratic Senators?

Without reading that "Govt. by Anthrax" paper, I'll assume you're talking about our invading Iraq? I can point you to a manifesto written by people who were part of the Bush administration called "Project for a New American Century," which laid out their plan to invade Iraq long before 9-11. Pay particular attention to the part where they say Americans will never go for it unless there's a "new Pearl Harbor." Is it still a "conspiracy theory" if it's written in their own words?

And do you really think the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy was "negligible gain"? Or the fact that traitors to the real Republican Party I grew up with - that would never run up such a huge deficit or get us embroiled in disasterous wars - keep winning elections by hanging their hats on 9-11 and the war on terror, even though they have no accomplishments to speak of otherwise? Do you really think that is a "negligible gain"?

If so, you sound just like me two years ago, before I swallowed my pride and admitted I'd been backing the wrong horse for too long.

-Gail (formerly Republican) Williams

Chuck said...

While I can't point to direct stats on this, yet...(I'll be able to in the future, however), Your "Tax cuts for the wealthy" helped me, too. Maybe not as much, but they did help. Thing is, these cuts created jobs. Some of them went overseas, granted. Some of them are minimum wage, granted. But in many, many cases, these "Tax cuts" do come right down to the worker. I wouldn't have the job I have right now if it weren't for those cuts. It would have gone out the window, because business has been slowing a little too much in this particular industry. It's also a bit seasonal. If it hadn't been for the cuts, I'd be on the street, Gail!

I don't live in a luxury house, but a rather modest "Low-end" middle class home. My wife works, and we can barely make ends meet as it is...but we try.

I help run a small ranch at home, but it's doing very little--it's "Pets" right least until someone wants an appy.

I'd ask you to visit my blog--but it won't do much good, unless you're interested in the Ramblings of a semi-insane fella. But I think there may be some stuff there that might strike you as odd coming from a Republican.

Gail said...

I don't think I'd find anything strange coming from a Republican. You're forgetting, I'M a Republican, and what I'm saying is weird for me, but I've come to realize that this crowd are the opposite of what I voted for. I voted for lower taxes, but for EVERYONE, not just for the rich. I got $400 in tax cuts a few years ago, and ever since then all my expenses have gone up far more than $400. I'm one of those people hit hard by the elimination of some college loan programs, because I have a daughter whose education all of a sudden costs me $5000 more every semester!

You don't have any stats about tax cuts for the rich leading to more jobs because there aren't any. I know, I must've wasted 10 years looking for them. MIDDLE CLASS tax cuts create new jobs, not tax cuts for the rich. And it makes sense, because the middle class purchases drive our economy.

Zirconia Wolf said...

CHUCK : Would it hurt you to actually READ peoples comments BEFORE you rant about them????? (Oh, sorry! I forgot! You're a flag-waving gop member who screams about "Liberals" as a matter of coarse. I was trying to find a logic to your hate....)

The (main) issue is NOT wether to belive these attacks are real or not (as I said waaaaaay back at the top of these comments, we will mostly likely NEVER know that) but the gop's borderline gleefullness in useing these events as campain tools.

Call me crazy (I'm a Liberal after all, so I'm sure you think MUCH worse about me!) but I just don't think "Campain Fodder" when I hear the words "Terrorist Attacks."

I think "I hope no one was killed" or "Was it stopped in time" or even "I hope it's not real."

"Hey, I hope LOTS of (preferabely American) people died horribley so this can be twisted into a sick Campain Slogan to use agaist the-other-side" never even enters my mind.

Why is it the 1st think that enters the mind of a Conservitive?


Anonymous said...

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