Thursday, July 20, 2006

Candorville lampoon of Senator Bunning "treasonous and traitor-like"

From yesterday's Lexington Herald-Leader:

Sen. Jim Bunning made newspapers across the United States again yesterday -- this time in the funny pages.

A national cartoonist with a reputation for wry political humor took a swing at Kentucky's Hall of Famer after Bunning called for The New York Times to be charged with treason.

Candorville, which runs in about 50 papers across the nation as well as another in Ecuador and the Pacific Stars & Stripes, featured a faux political commercial yesterday from "Senator Bunting." However, the face on the TV is that of Bunning, a Republican in his second term in the Senate and a pitcher in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The strip's main character, Lemont Brown, hears the ad apparently from the bathroom -- the third panel features a flush as "Bunting" denies that his attack on the "Candorville Chronicle" is politically motivated.

Cartoonist Darrin Bell said Bunning caught his eye last month after condemning the Times' report on the Bush administration's not-so-secret surveillance of international banking transactions.

"Senator Bunning at the time seemed to be the GOP's point man for the treason charge against The New York Times, so he was the logical one to use as a representative for the whole party," Bell said yesterday. The flush was "the most appropriate" activity that came to mind, he said.

He had not gotten any feedback yesterday from Bunning's office on Capitol Hill. "I don't really expect to. Somehow, I really doubt they read Candorville," he said.

Bunning's office did not return calls or e-mails seeking comment for this story.

Bell said he doesn't see his work as falling into either the Democrat or Republican camp. In the 1990s, he was called a fascist for picking on President Clinton.

"I just go after whoever's in charge," Bell said.

As for Senator Bunting, he could make a return appearance, but that depends on Bunning.

"He's got my attention," Bell said. "The next time he gives me material, I'm going to use it."

Apparently, one reader was not amused:

I have always thought political cartoons to be inherently anti-Republican, and this has gotten to be even worse with all the nationwide progress witnessed in the last 5 years. It's even possible that this drawn criticism has in fact lent itself to limiting the progress we have had...because it's so treasonous and traitorlike.
Posted by: Bill

This was one of the comments below the article (comments have since been removed, possibly because the argument got sort of heated. People stopped just short of burning each other in effigy. Barely.

The "treasonous and traitorlike" comment doesn't interest me as much as "limiting the progress we have had..." in the last five years. What progress is that, again? And if there is any progress, how can it be undone by a comic strip? If only Bill would have explained himself further. It would have been fascinating.


Chuck said...

Darrin, I guess you ought to be glad that J. Edgar Hoover isn't still alive! :)

It's amazing how much people can try to blame for their problems. The "Significant" is now getting blamed on you. It's goofy, just like most of politics seems to be, these days.

It was said "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen". But apparently, these other folks aren't in a kitchen...but they've apparently got their heads either in the sand, or some place where the moon doesn't shine!

Some of these politicians are too thin skinned...and thick-headed!

MEC said...

"I have always thought political cartoons to be inherently anti-Republican"

Only the funny ones.

Chuck said...

I've found a bunch of "Funny" (To use your term) on the DFL side, as well. Of course, the DFL is not amused...It seems that the folks are forgetting a cardinal rule..."Remove the plank from your own eye, and then you shall see clearly enough to help your brother!"

When you can't laugh at the idiocy of it all, you've either got no sense of humor, or you've got a lot of trouble!

(BTW: My own blog (Thanks for starting me on this line, didn't know it, but you've started me blogging on my own!) has some recent political postings... including "Democracy in Danger?", which involves the situation to protect "Under God" in the pledge. I agree with THAT, but not in the way they are limiting judicial power of review of such a law. It's a slippery slope to tyranny. But if we step off the edge, that's where we're going!

Chuck said...

Tell me something--am I sounding like a Democrat? Or am I sounding like a thinking fellow? :)

Chuck said...

You know, I got to thinking: Maybe I should have said Joe McCarthy, rather than Hoover. After all, the Witch Hunt was McCarthy's baby.....

Anonymous said...

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Zirconia Wolf said...

Hey CHUCK : Thinking is a good thing, especially in this day and age of blindly following a "Party" because, and one time they stood for one thing you belived (still belive) in! While I am a proud proponent of the saying "It's better to have a Bleeding Heart than No Heart at all", I simply can't STAND people (and Politicans) who can't seem to- as you put it- get past their own "Planks", and spend all their time crying about the Other Sides "eye-site" problems!!! (No solutions are offered of coarse, but most people don't seem to notice! )

Kinda reminds me of a favorite Candorville strip of mine, where a proud "Republicrat" is being polled about his opinion on the current Mayor. He's quick to say he thinks the Mayor is terrific, as he is a "Rebublicrat" aswell. It is then pointed out that this "Republicrat" Mayor has done NOTHING in keeping with the vaules of the "Republicrat" Party (like less government & free pumpernickle bread for all), and Mr. Voting "Republicrat" (who offers a blank stare when asked WHY he still supports this Mayor)is finally asked if he was okay with supporting someone with totally contary beliefs just so his "side" could stay in power. Mr. Voter quickly inquires "How much power?" (Still cracks me up....and ticks me off, too! Sigh...)

Now to DARRIN : My God man, don't stop now!!! Treason is just the first step! Now it's time to Bring Down Our Government, or maybe just Cripple Our Nations Defence System so one our bad-ass "enemies" can then Dystoy Democracy As We Know It!! Then it should be an easy leap to the ultimate goal of Crippeling All International Alliances and, of coarse, then Bringing About The New World Order!!!!! Bwahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Seriously though, don't you find it amazing how much power other people give you (and your Comic Strip) over their lives??? Good thing you didn't say something like "People who drive yellow cars are undermining Americas War on Terror". Lord only knows what a chain reaction you could have started!! (snicker)

Chuck said...

Zirconia Wolf: I guess things change. I've been a GOP member since I could vote. Thing is, I go to our caucus... I work to be a "Moderating" influence. Go too far to the side, you get crushed against the wall.

Like the Jet Stream, which moves location from time to time, sometimes to the south, sometimes to the north, our "Mainstream" is shifting, too. The thing is, it's split. Kind of like some sort of wall is right in the center, and the flow goes both ways. You can't get THROUGH the "Center" anymore.

If the people can finally bring down the Berlin Wall so free movement can be managed between "East" and "West", there must be a way to bring down the "Center Wall".

Staff said...

Candorville also runs in the European and Mideast Stars & Stripes, unfortunately.
Darrin Bell, you are SUCH a jackass. You need to get serious with your strips, and realize what's really going on in the war. You just take the liberal media's word for it. CNN makes Hezbollah look godd. The USA PATRIOT Act is old news, and how about listing that there's no more dictatorship in Iraq? George Washington would've been glad that we've freed a nation from an evil dictator. I'm sure the Iraqis would've rather have had King George III in charge than Saddam Hussein.
So please, get with it.
I'm the same guy who wrote you the "you hate everything bush does letter".
Check out the website listed and you won't find all that liberal crap in there.

Chuck said...

Staff, Chuck here. Just want to say "Thanks" for all you are doing over there. Can I* point out a couple things?

Today's Strip: (Sunday, July 23)
"George Washington wants to cut and run". and Rep. Hastert saying "We should be glad George Washington isn't in charge"...

I saw this, and I found it...well, a bit odd that this would be stated. I decided to find out something about Washington--and I found myself on his farewell message to the people.

What follows is a quote from his farewell message:
39 "Why forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation? Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice? "

Interestingly, Washington's farewell message warned AGAINST entangling ourselves in the politics/affairs of other nations. He DID allow for "Extraordinary Circumstances".
And, while I believe that this is quite "Extraordinary" enough, and that our First President would not have let it sit, I wonder if he would, or would not, say "The task is done".

Now, before you start throwing a tantrum, or worse...I AM* a member of the GOP. I supported Bush in the last 2 elections. I've supported 99.9% GOP in the last 28 years. I support what our Military must do, and I understand that it cannot be easy. (My father was in WWII, my Dad's Brother was a high ranking officer in the same time frame.) Two of my friends from High School served in "Desert Storm".

However, I think there is a limit as to how much can be done. And if that limit hasn't yet been reached, it will be very soon, and it's time to say "We are done. We can help you with our people, our money, our time...but it's basically up to you."

The military has accomplished its objective in Iraq. Let's get Bin Laden, now. He's the one we REALLY needed to worry about, don't you think?

Just substitute "Iraq", and "Iraqi" for "Europe" and "European".

Chuck said...

NUTS. Somehow, my "Substitute" got shoved all the way down to the bottom of the page. Boy, I HATE that! That particular line should be right under the quotation from Washington!

Doug said...

Darryl, just keep up the good work. I loved the cut and run week, and if politicians feel so completely offended by a cartoonist's representation of their documented duplicity, then THEY SHOULD NOT BE TWO-FACED!

Like Batman and Robin, you and the Candorville strip are a Two-Face's greatest enemy.

Chuck said...

Truth be told, it seems like EVERY politician is a little "Two-faced".

I'd like to make a comment on today's strip--but I'm afraid it would take too much time. Suffice it to say: We apparently value our own citizen's lives over those of other country's citizens. But 10000 in 4 years is less of a holocaust than millions over 30 years.

ZirconiaWolf said...

Not to start a war or anything, but I just feel way to strongly about the issue to just "let it go"....

The very IDEA of comparing a mircoscopic organisim with full-fledged Human Beings (most of whom have childeren of their own who would like to have them around to help raise them)is just so, so....freaking REPUBLICAN. I swear, that's the only word for it.

It never cease to amaze me how "Pro-Life" has become just a code-word for "Anti-Female", or maybe I should say "Insecure-Christian-Male". (Sadly, the term "Republican" seems to mean the same thing these days....)

I, for one am glad SOMEBODY other than me noticed the insane hypocrosy of this whole thing. There was a quote in my paper the other day (explaining Bush's Veto) that said he did so because he is "against murder."


It's sure nice to know that our President does not belive War is at all a form of murder.


Doug said...

The thing is, Darryl doesn't JUST concentrate on the Republicans. It's just that the current administration just inspires soooooo much material. Both parties ARE stocked with idiots.

Instead of voting on a party platform, I'd rather concentrate on the candidate himself and his ethics.

Chuck said...

Z-Wolf... Actually, these "Microscopic Organisms" to which you refer ARE human life, albeit small. But in most cases, these "Microscopic" beings are quite visible to the eye when the abortion is done. Even 3rd trimester, I'm afraid.
But, you claim "insecure Christian male". Tell that to all the women who are against it!

And War is killing, rather than "Murder". A great deal is self-defense. Not all, I'll grant you. There will, unfortunately, be deaths in a war. A car which collides with another killing a driver or passenger isn't called murder. It MIGHT be "Manslaughter", but there are factors involved. "Negligent Homicide" is another possibility. Or just plain "Accident".

If you shoot a robber in the leg, and that robber dies, are you guilty of murder? No, intent was to wound and stop, not kill.

War's purpose is, primarily, one of two things--Gain, or stopping a threat.

You might say that Iraq poses no threat. Well, it doesn't--Anymore.

Doug said...

Shooting to wound is not a viable tactic, Chuck.

If you are in a situation where you are forced to shoot, then you aim for center of mass and pull the trigger until the target changes shape.

There is no place for "warning shots" and "shooting to wound."

A firearm is lethal force.

As for the "third trimester abortions" I know of very few people who advocate the termination of a pregnancy when the child can survive as an independant organism. Premature babies born in that third trimester can survive. However, you seem to think the only form of abortion is the "partial birth" stuff.

You remind me of this chap found on Democratic

[quote]A memorial service for an aborted fetus concluded today without the planned burial in Smith Park.

The 11 a.m. service was part of an eight-day protest led by the anti-abortion group, Operation Save America, in an effort to shut down Jackson Women's Health Organization, the state's last remaining abortion clinic.

Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, said the fetus, which is being preserved in a formaldehyde-like solution, will be buried in Alabama in a few months.

Pavone said he received the fetus from an anonymous pathologist who asked him to give it a proper burial.

Pavone said the fetus was aborted at about 18 weeks. It has been used in demonstrations in New York and Columbus, Ohio, he said, and will be in several more before being buried.[/quote]
That's right! Show sanctity of life... by putting a murder victim in a jar of formaldehyde and taking him on a national tour.

Chuck said...

Doug said "Shooting to wound is not a viable tactic, Chuck.

If you are in a situation where you are forced to shoot, then you aim for center of mass and pull the trigger until the target changes shape.

There is no place for "warning shots" and "shooting to wound."

A firearm is lethal force. "

My example wasn't "Forced to shoot" to kill. It's quite amazing how it was changed. (I could almost say "twisted", but that might be unfair.) My example was stopping a robber who MAY have been armed. (Many times the "weapon", if there is one, remains concealed). A projectile's impact is enough (In many cases) enough to stun a person into dropping a weapon. NOT ALWAYS, however.

I didn't say, either, that all abortions were "partial birth" abortions. I said that in many cases the "Aborted mass" is EASILY identified as HUMAN. Maybe it didn't read that way-- I may have fumbled the ball on that.

Maybe this clears up the matters.

You can tell me I'm wrong...but I call it AS I SEE IT.

Doug said...

No incidence of shooting in self-defense can entail "shooting to wound." Prosecutors see that as malicious intent to cause greater harm.

As for aborted masses appearing human, I apologize on that point. However, how viable an organism are they if they cannot survive outside the womb?

I make the case against third trimester abortions because the creature produced CAN survive, even if it is exceedingly fragile. Any earlier, and it is not a viable independant organism, no matter how human it is.

I'm not pro-abortion, but I'm not so eager to see women butchered by back alley abortionists that I'm interested in bringing back the days of illegal abortions. Perhaps you might be more interested in the mutilation of women, but I'd rather have legal abortion and then educate women to minimize such a problem than have some knee-jerk reaction by a religious fundamentalist with no knowledge of biology deciding what is evil and what is good.

Either way, Stem Cell research has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER because blastocysts ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS! They're fertilized eggs created in an artificial environment. It's the same situation as if a fertilized egg never set root in the womb wall and was discharged in the menstrual cycle. Don't beat your chest on abortion because of stem cell research because that argument has been rendered an absolute fallacy and only continues to display anatomical ignorance that can be easily dispelled by two seconds of research on the internet.

As you SEE IT is from a place of biological ignorace. Educate yourself, and then maybe your rallying cries will hold some bearing.

Chuck said...

Doug, Doug, Doug.... I'm disappointed. Here's one thing you say:
No incidence of shooting in self-defense can entail "shooting to wound." Prosecutors see that as malicious intent to cause greater harm.

And that's a problem isn't it? I mean, really. If we shoot not to kill, but to defend, WE are the ones charged with the crime, even though a crime was being committed.
If we kill, we're killers. If we merely wound to end a robber's escapades in our home, prevent a rape, or along this line--WE are the one at fault? Sorry, I don't agree with this line of reasoning. It's annoying to think that we cannot defend ourselves from lawlessness.

Your quote:
Perhaps you might be more interested in the mutilation of women, but I'd rather have legal abortion and then educate women to minimize such a problem than have some knee-jerk reaction by a religious fundamentalist with no knowledge of biology deciding what is evil and what is good.

I really have NO IDEA where you came up with the idea that I was for back-alley abortions. And, if you had read closely, perhaps you would have seen the fact that I had said "If they are not from aborted fetuses, I have no problem with that." I guess you missed that, huh? It's forgivable, especially since I DO tend to ramble. As for another section:

I make the case against third trimester abortions because the creature produced CAN survive, even if it is exceedingly fragile. Any earlier, and it is not a viable independant organism, no matter how human it is.
--There HAVE been cases of 18 week old fetuses being kept alive, and surviving to become a fully functional human. Of course, if we cannot agree when life begins, we have difficulties. Does it begin at conception? When brain waves first appear? At birth? At 5 years? Until THAT can be settled, once and for all, by simple declaration of ALL, we will continue to debate.

your quote:
As you SEE IT is from a place of biological ignorace. Educate yourself, and then maybe your rallying cries will hold some bearing.

I wonder what my brother-in-law, an MD, would say to that.

You've scored some points. Perhaps I have, too. The best we can do is agree to disagree.

Are you OK with THAT?

Doug said...

Yeah. I'm cool.

As for the first part about firearms and self defense, I'm not only for it, I've studied the truth behind it. I've learned that when you shoot, you only shoot when you are in REASONABLE fear of your life. And when you are in that state of fear, "wounding" shots or warning shots are contraindicatory because your fine motor control skills will disappear due to that fear for your life. Hitting an arm or a leg will be significantly more difficult than hitting the relatively nice-sized torso of the aggressor who has forced you to shoot in your own defense or the defense of a loved one.

I'm a gun nerd in the extreme. Almost as much as I am a comic nerd (I still wish Lemont would wear his Green Lantern shirt more, but at least he wears his Flash shirt enough. :D ). When it comes to the when and how of defending your family, I am as pro-right wing as I am pro-left wing on nearly every other detail, such as not ever getting into Iraq without a SOLID reason, nor seeing people who criticize a right wing presidency as treasonous.

Chuck said...

To quote an old friend of mine, Doug... "Spiffy"!

Stopped by your blog. Comments difficult to give. :)

Peace, or at least SOME peace, to all! :)

Doug said...

I'll get my girlfriend to at least make the cursor visible.

I like your blog too. Sorry about the "ignorance" remarks earlier in thread. I am... vehement.


Chuck said...

Doug-- it takes a HECK of a lot for me to declare someone an "Enemy". And, being a bit... in your term... vehement-- is to be expected when discussing politics of any sort.

Friends. And peace. :)

Chuck said...

Hey, Darrin... Boy, that strip this morning has STILL got me laughing! Great, just great! I have to stop staring at the screen... I don't want to go blind! :)

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