Thursday, July 13, 2006

Al Qaida hates Indiana, loves NYC!

For anyone who's worried about Al Qaida coming after you: Did you know that it's much safer for you to live in the crown of the statue of liberty than by your neighborhood donut shop?

Also, be sure you stay away from your local bean fest. Al Qaida apparently hates beans. You'd be much safer going to the top of the Empire State Building, apparently.

Y'know, our current leaders operate with such brazen ineptitude and thievery that it's almost as if they feel they don't have to worry about elections...


Sarah E. from Indiana said...

Gotta love that dry Indiana sense of humor...why is a popcorn farm on the list? "Maybe because it explodes."

Hoosiers are nothing if not thorough about the mundane. I'm proud of the fact that our painstaking list pointed out this new instance "Homeland Security" ineptitude.

Paul said...

Oh come on. Clue: any symbolic location or gathering of people is a potential target. Look at Bali. Or Beslan. Jihadists don't discriminate. They'll kill any non Muslim (or Muslims, too, if you're black and live in Darfur, but that's another topic). This isn't about security, it's about money. Witness the hysteria of NYC pols when their funding was cut. Cut funding? Something's just wrong! If you cut funding then you don't care about people. Which is why we have the Tennessee Valley Authority, among other agencies. Right. So Homeland Security compiled the list to -- divvy up the money! And where do you suppose all the candidates came from? Homeland Security? Nope. Local and state officials. Who wanted in on the gravy train. But backtracking stories like that takes work and doesn't but the feds in the worst possible light, so you'll rarely see such stories.

Anonymous said...

What are you saying, that it's a GOOD thing to send the Homeland Security money to the middle of nowhere instead of where the high value targets are?

Chuck said...

Maybe they'll add "Old McBuckett's Farm", too, eh?

I've heard (I don't know how accurate, but a friend of the Muslim faith confirms Something like it) says that a Muslim believes that if he or she is buried with a pig, his/her sould will go to hell. So, does this mean that the Pork Bellies market is going to go up? :)

Put pictures of a pig on every plane. Drop thousands of pigs in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Iran.

These pleasing porkers and our own pork barreling govt. would LOVE it! :)

(Yes, this IS* all said in Jest...)

Paul said...

"Middle of nowhere" usually refers to someone else's home or where someone else's friends gather - generally not the northeast or west coast. Amazing how one can construe "good thing to send money to middle of nowhere" from the comment.

"High value targets?" Value to whom? Protecting buildings against airline strikes - probably done (we screen enough Icelandic grandmothers to prevent them from taking over an airliner). Is "high value" the Mall of America? Anywhere USA elementary school? If Jihadists want to take over an elementary school anywhere and torture and horribly kill little children, barring exposure of the plan by the authorities, it will likely happen.

I'm not sure how much good is done by continuing to spend money on such a program. There's been tremendous funding for equipment, security personnel, etc. Money sent, year in and year out, is used for - what? Should be obvious trying to "protect" any "target" anywhere would require endless support by taxpayers. First question is - is this a good use of taxpayer dollars? Second is, how does it rank compared to , say, port or nuclear plant security? Third, can one do it all, both on a reduced basis, or is one so important it should receive exclusive effort?

Elliott J. said...

LOL! Sorry, not buying it. Indiana shouldn't have more counter-terrorism funding than New York City or Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. I don't care how much you prize your ant zoo, everyone else in the world realizes that's not as likely a target as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

Look at the only "exposure of plans by authorities" recently. Where were they aimed at? The Sears Tower and the Holland Tunnel. Not Jim-Bob's Ant Farm.

Elliott J. said...

...And by the way, before you go saying I'm prejudiced against Middle of Nowhere America, I live in Billings, Montana. And I'm not crying because our local donut shop didn't show up on that list. Hell, I'd rather have Al Qaida succeed at blowing up the Donut Hole here than bring down another high rise with thousands of people in New York or Chicago. That's where the money needs to be spent (and yes, it does need to be). It only went to Indiana because it's pork. Our leaders don't take this seriously, they only see it as a way to loot the treasury. We need serious people in charge to send resources where they need to be.

Paul said...

Never said you were prejudiced - was referring to comments by Boxer, Pelosi, Schumer and Clinton.

Still begs the question - this program provides hundreds of millions of dollars to do - what? Exactly what does the community do with the funds? Have the leaders get away from the general and onto the specific and you don't hear much. Provide equipment for response force? Fine. Then next year - what? Government agencies are budget driven and will concoct "requirements" to equal the available funding. So maybe there should be a time where these funds should be diverted to port security. Or nuc plant security. Or some kind of comm/propaganda/education programs to counter the madrassas or to provide endowments to American universities so the bulk of their Middle East Studies money comes from someplace other than the House of Saud.

That's another interesting line to pursue. American intelligence services have been rightly criticized for intelligence failures (let's not think Iraqi WMDs - Russian/French/German intelligence services reached the same conclusions) regarding Jihadist aims and capabilities. And who provides the bulk of the background information/expert opinions/analysis of current political climate to the various intelligence agencies? Right - American academia specializing in Middle Eastern studies. With programs began over the past two decades from? Money and direction provided by Saudi Wahabist interests.

Chuck said...

And who provides the bulk of the background information/expert opinions/analysis of current political climate to the various intelligence agencies? Right - American academia specializing in Middle Eastern studies. With programs began over the past two decades from? Money and direction provided by Saudi Wahabist interests.

Every country in the world tries to protect their interests in one way or another. What's your source of information? I'm always interested in finding sources--and sometimes I will find a source that contradicts. Not always, of course... but I'd love to know where the info is from!

Paul said...

"Protecting one's interests" is a far cry from supporting organizations whose avowed goal is to liquidate all those who do not believe as they believe.

One good source:
Dr. Walid Phares
"Future Jihah."
25 years researching, writing and lecturing about international jihadist strategies.

regarding Wahabist influence - specifically "charities" funding and supporting madrassas, for just one example see
report of a hearing on Africa before the Committee on International Relations from the US House of Representatives.

You may also want to research the rise of the House of Saud and trace how Wahabism became such an expansionary force.

Chuck said...

While "Protecting one's interests" takes many forms, A lot of nations seem to think we are out to annihilate THEM. So, it works both ways, does it not? I'll see if I can find the time to check the information you've given me... Like I've said, I'm always interested in picking up new things.

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