Friday, June 02, 2006

St. Louis readers - vote for Candorville!

St. Louis readers, now's your chance to get Candorville into your paper permanently (well, as "permanently" as any comic strip, which in newspaperspeak means "until the next comics poll"). For the past few months, the Post-Dispatch has been trying out a few strips to see which will replace The Boondocks while it's on hiatus. Candorville just finished running, and now it's time to vote. THIS MONDAY, the P-D will give readers a chance to register their vote by e-mailing the Post-Dispatch between now and June 11.

Candorville stands a good chance if you vote, and an even better chance if you get your friends, family, enemies, and maybe even your pet dog to vote (assuming he reads the paper). If you have any friends who also liked Candorville, you can all get free signed copies of the first Candorville book, "Thank God for Culture Clash," if you e-mail the P-D asking for Candorville (you must add my e-mail address - - to the "bcc" or "cc" field to prove that you've sent it) -- provided Candorville wins. If you already have the first book, I'll send you the second one, "Another Stereotype Bites the Dust," when it's published this Fall.


Anonymous said...

here is another idea for you....
Bush gave the Taliban $240 million as a reward for there cracking down on heroin production before 9/11
his gov't also gave oil companies $5 billion so they could find new energy ideas...just before they announced $350 billion ion profits.
theme? i don't know...your the cartoonist!

Scott-O-Rama said...

Off topic:

Darrin, is there a way to e-mail you? I'd like to offer you a free BlogAd on my blog Scott-O-Rama for you to promote your book. I'm a huge fan, and I'd like to spread the word about your strip.

My e-mail is scott [at] scott-o-rama D-O-T c o m.

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks, Scott, I'll send you an e-mail.