Saturday, June 10, 2006

Don't forget to vote for Candorville

All votes have to be in to the Post-Dispatch by today, so if you want to see the strip in the Post-Dispatch, you have to vote now by sending an e-mail to

You don't have to write anything moving or eloquent. If you don't have much time, you can just write one word: "Candorville."


Staff Sergeant (name withheld) said...

Please don't mind me for being rather blunt, but do you hate EVERYTHING Bush does and try to twist it in a way to look bad? Also, sometimes when your strips come out, the topic becomes old. They don't go to that extent with spying such as the NSA guy writting on his notepad what Lemont says. Have you ever thought what good the Pat. Act did? They caught bribes at the border, child abuse, lies, porn, and others. You also don't give repubs a fair chaance of sspeech, such as the Rep black guy sitting next to Lemont saying he's glad the USA Pat. Act is there because he might be a terrorist.
Most importantly, shouldn't you only fear the Act if you've done something bad? The Stars & Stripes (I live overseas in the Army) is a cross of Rep. Dem. Independent, unlike the very liberal papers back home. It points out both pros & cons. on AFN we get Fox News, unlike the heavy heavy VERY heavy liberal CNN or CBS channels you watch or the New York Times and even 75% AP.
I myself am an independent but I don't see you give Repubs a fair shot at things. Hey, Over here there are naturalized US citizens from Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. who disagree with liberals at immigration (there are some who agree, however).
I would like to point out that S&S got some liberal workers so now I get your Strip (started in Oct 02, 2005) along with other unfair stuff.
You also downgrade those in the Army, even to those enlisted before the war started. You said we're hopeless in a number of strips and we're doing the wrong thing. Well guess again. Zarqawi was killed, a dictator was overthrown, women have hope and we've even stopped some more hijackings. People die in war, and that's just that. They didn't die in vain (at least those who supported the war) and I'll be wrong if we lose. Bush's popularity has risen, why not include that in a future strip? Even Demos gave him a break (some)!
So all I've said, would you please take it to mind?
PS, this isn't personal, but I just wanted to know:
Do you approve of the ACLU (or at least some things). And also, I'm not against all liberals, in fact, you shouldn't be too conservative that you don't help!
And last but not least: what do you think of independents?
An American Soldier.

Staff Sergeant (name withheld) said...

Me again, might I add that there are some other countries looking down at Americans complaining about Patriact?
In some areas, they're monitored all the time. I have to say that Ams are spoiled by the constitution and just downright ungrateful! Many people in my family are from Taxachusetts and they're Demos and approve of the Patriact!
Meine mutter ist von Deutschland und die familie gesagt "Amerikanische, oy oy oy..."
In Germany, government spying is and most likely with more terrorism will never be illegal (a cathedral in Strasbourg wasn't blown up because of Germany and Italy wiretapping on 2 certain cellphone calls:

Sami Ben Khemais: "There is danger. Members of the bin Laden cell in Frankfurt have been captured. I am warning you that they got half the group in Germany."
Tarek Maaroufi: "No!"
Khemais: "Yes. Did you understand me? They arrested our brothers in Germany and they found the arms warehouse in Germany, Frankfurt. You need a cover."
Maaroufi: "What do you mean? God be with you."
Khemais: "Did you understand me? You need a cover. You know how."

That goes in other parts of the world. Sure some have stopped it, but do you think spying is all that bad? And guess what! This is war time! Read a certain article in the constitution that most people avoid, allowing more powers during war time.

And if spying were started sooner, do you think 9/11 would've ever happened? would there have been a war?

Dana said...

Oopps, I missed it, but I do want to say that I love Candorville and have to read it every morning. It is refreshing, honest and so very witty. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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