Monday, May 22, 2006

Darrin at Chicago Book Signing This Thursday

Laura and I will be in Chi-Town this Thursday; I'll be defacing books with autographs and sketches, along with nine other cartoonists who'll probably ask me to fetch their coffee. Here's the relevant info, cribbed from Lynn Johnston's site:

Date: Thursday, May 25th
Time: Book Signing 5-7pm
Place: Borders Book Store
Northwest corner of State and Randolph.
Located in the heart of the Chicago Loop.
150 North State St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Lynn Johnston- For Better or For Worse
Dan Piraro- Bizarro
Bill Amend- Foxtrot
Rick Kirkman- Baby Blues
Darrin Bell- Candorville and Rudy Park
Jef Mallett- Frazz
Paul Gilligan- Pooch Cafe
Greg Evans-Luann
Mort Walker- Beetle Bailey (Mort's autobiography)
Mark Pett- Lucky Cow


Anonymous said...

in today's strip (The UN ought to $%^#$%$ it's own damn business) forgot to mention that the US also hasn't paid it's back dues that are in the millions of $$$$$

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks. I didn't forget to mention it, it just had nothing to do with the parallel I was drawing. America never uses a nation's failure to pay dues as an excuse for war, but we do use a nation's failure to pay attention to U.N. demands.

The delinquency would be a good topic for another cartoon.

circus said...

i cant believe i missed this. you, and also the foxtrot man. well, im a big fan, and ill check back in more often to hopefully catch you at any future chi appearance