Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Candorville in St. Louis?

ATTN: St. louis Post-Dispatch readers, your paper is currently trying out four comic strips to determine which one will replace "The Boondocks" during its 6-month hiatus. Candorville is currently running, after which they'll run 2 different strips before deciding which one to keep permanently. Readers who've been dying to get rid of "Boondocks" for years surely see this as their chance to replace it with something harmless and gentle -- something that never questions or challenges or dissents. You can thwart their evil plans by writing to the Post-Dispatch and telling them you want Candorville.

As a bribe -- I mean, as an "incentive" -- anyone who writes to the Post-Dispatch (make sure you actually live in the area, let's not be cheats) asking for Candorville will receive a free signed copy of the first Candorville book, defaced with a sketch. If you already have the first book, you'll get a free copy of the second book when it's published this September