Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Office of Faith-Manipulating Initiatives

Candorville's Reverend Wilfred was a staunch Democrat (or so it seemed) until he was offered half a million dollars by the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. Afterward, Reverend Wilfred began to seem as if he were channeling Scott McClellan (or, more to the point, channeling Reverend Herbert Lusk) every Sunday.

One of the regulars at rec.arts.comics.strips (R.A.C.S.) is a bit uncomfortable with last Sunday's sermon given by Candorville's "Reverend Wilfred" character. The following is a brief part of the exchange, including my response (which, if read in context, isn't as flippant as it seems here):

When Jesus observed that it was easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than for the rich to reach heaven, He didn't conclude with "therefor seek ye Ceasar that the rich may be taxed into poverty and made worthy in the eyes of God."

And when the risen Christ told His disciples to feed and tend his sheep, He did not also instruct them to "seek ye Ceasar so that My sheep will be fed and properly tended."

Good point. But neither did Jesus say "seek ye faith-based-initiative money from Caesar."

Read the whole spirited discussion at R.A.C.S.

After Reverend Wilfred's first appearance, an evangelical group or two mounted a short-lived effort to have Candorville removed from a couple of its largest papers. But just as with charges of libel or slander, Truth is a defense against organized boycotts.

Be sure to read this week's strips, in which the good Reverend finally gets his check from the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives (or does he?).


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