Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Brad Blog reports that California's new Republican-appointed Secretary of State has reversed the previous SoS's decision to decertify Diebold's electronic vote-stealing machines. And like any criminal, he did it when nobody was looking -- late Friday right before a 3-day holiday weekend.

Coincidentally, this appointed Secretary of State is up for election this November, along with Schwarzenneger and CA's entire Congressional delegation.

Looks like California may be painted red this November...


Anonymous said...

My brother has been a friend of Bruce McPherson since high school. I've always thought Bruce was an honest man and an honest politician [is that possible?]. Before Ronald, the Republican party had two wings, the Right [wrong] wing and the pragmatic, moderate Republicans. Bruce McPherson is that sort of as Republican. Not too many moderates left in the Republican party.. Like million of voters here in California, I left the Republican party [and my church] some 11 years ago when they married and moved off to the far right heaven of rich people.

Any Republican who can repeatably get elected as a state legislator in Santa Cruz County [after San Francisco County, it has the most progressive minded voters in California] isn't some right wing fruit cake nut.

But the Diebold decision mystifies me.

Jerry Pool

Anonymous said...

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