Monday, January 02, 2006

Candorville Comes to the Bay Area

After getting into the largest papers in the country, every cartoonist's dream is to appear in his hometown paper. One reason is so you can make sure your work looks as good in print as it does on your monitor (because newsprint isn't the highest quality medium, ink sometimes spreads, dot patterns sometimes become ugly moire patterns if they're too fine, and colors look like shit if they're too saturated). Another reason is, when you meet someone and they ask what you do for a living, it's a lot easier to say "you can see my cartoon in the Tribune" than to say "you can see my cartoon online at or if you go to and select Candorville from the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen."

After more than two years, the dream's come true for me -- Candorville debuted today in the Oakland Tribune and the other East Bay and Peninsula papers that are part of the Alameda Newspaper Group (The Argus, Hayward Review, San Mateo County Times and the Alameda Times-Star).

These aren't the first Bay Area papers to pick up Candorville - that ignominy belongs to the San Francisco Chronicle. But they're the first to run Candorville daily on the comics page, where it belongs (the Chronicle runs Candorville every Monday on the opinion page).

I subscribed to the Tribune last week so I can check on the print quality of the strip every day. The only downside is, now I'll have to get up before Noon to get the paper before someone in my building steals it.


I'll be manning the NCS booth at Wondercon in San Francisco again this year. If you'll be in the area and haven't picked up a copy of the Candorville book (or just want to meet me), I'll be there at Moscone Center sometime during the weekend of February 10. The final schedule's not nailed down yet, so I'll post the exact date and time here as it approaches.

Happy New Year!




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Louis Gray said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Darrin - the inclusion is well deserved.

We continue to cheer you on from the sidelines. Keep up the outstanding work.