Sunday, December 02, 2007

Somebody get Larry Craig off the Computer

Several weeks ago, Candorville commented on the amusing phenomenon of gay-hating Republican politicians who turn out to be gay themselves. In response to this hairy issue, some hardcore conservatives shot off no less than two dozen e-mails assuring me I had it all wrong. Looks like they're right: not all gay-haters are secretly scouring airport men's rooms looking for a good time.Some of them are sitting at home in the dark, frantically researching their gayness on Conservapedia.

(As of this writing, every single one of the most-viewed pages has something to do with homosexuality, from an alleged increased risk of disease to gayness in Scottland).

Now this is why I think they should teach about homosexual behavior in Health class, so the Larry Craig's of the country wouldn't have to rely on shady, agenda-driven websites when they're worried about catching hepatitis.


Paul said...

Glad I could get back on the site - for the past few weeks browsers (Explorer and Firefox) hung at the point of loading google ads.

I'm not addressing the apparent hypocrisy on the Sen Craig issue - just two comments in brief to raise the point his behavior, and much of the commentary, may not be as cut and dried (or either gay or not gay) as some people assume.

An Air America host - Thom Hartmann, I think, posed the question "Why are so many people in favor of punishing intent, not action?" While having sex in public is usually a misdemeanor, why should one person saying to another "would you like to go to my place and have sex?" be a criminal offense?

Second issue - I've spent about 20 minutes this morning trying to track down an article I read when this first hit the headlines about the earliest (25 years ago) peer-reviewed study that led to the understanding that casual, anonymous sex, even with a majority of same-sex partners, is not necessarily indicative of homosexuality. It's about anonymity, instant thrill, avoidance of consequences, and to some degree, shame.

Seems it's a whole subset of compulsive sexual activity (compulsive/addictive: interferes with life, continues in face of severe sanctions, rooted in shame, guilt) addressed in the sex addicts anonymous web site. Interesting 12-question test to indicate "do you have a problem?" After reading that, I'd venture many people have one.

Doug said...

I find it highly entertaining that one of the top five Conservapedia reference lookups is Homosexuality and Parasites.

Mainly because the true humor is that homophobes are the most seriously idiotic parasites in the existence of mankind.

Larry Y said...

My, my, my, the top viewed pages are ALL about homosexuality. These conservobots sure are obsessed with it, aren't they? I wonder why...

Darrin Bell said...

Paul, I actually agree with Thom Hartmann on this. What Craig did shouldn't be considered a crime. The only thing I believe he should be considered guilty of is unbelievably acute hypocrisy. The appropriate sentence for that, I believe, is several years of ridicule and an early retirement.