Thursday, September 13, 2007

The South's Gayest Comic Strip

Bad timing can be a very funny thing.

This week, Candorville debuted in the Raleigh News & Observer on a trial basis. They'll be testing it out for four weeks. The Raleigh News & Observer is one of the largest papers in the South (Mason-Dixon line and geography notwithstanding, it is the South - you're not fooling anyone, "North" Carolina).

Naturally, the week with which we introduce their solidly-conservative readers to Candorville happens to be a week that discusses civil rights by lampooning a closeted Republican Senator who trolls for gay sex in public restrooms. The readership is predictably amused.

Apparently "Candorville is a hog farm lagoon" is some sort of affectionate Southern colloquialism.

Check out all the other praise, and add your own (ONLY if you live in North Carolina and read the News & Observer) in their online forum. And again ONLY if you're a local News & Observer reader (no cheating, please), the News & Observer wants to hear from you. Write to them and tell them whether you want Candorville at


The Old Man said...

The fact that I really didn't care for this particular subject notwithstanding, I noticed something rather odd about where you write to cast a vote for Candorville. Kind of sounds like a place where whiners would want to go.

J.P. said...

Ooooh, you're clever.

Tiffany said...

Most unfortunate, but you've gotta laugh. Hopefully they read the archives at so they'll know the comic isn't actually about gay Republican senators every day (btw, I'm loving it).

Paul said...

Different topic - it's Fri as I write this. This evening on ABC's 20 20 John Stossel will feature health care in America. I thought you might find it an interesting follow-on to the Moore perspective. I believe he'll be interviewed. I'll be interested to see if the questions get answered, or not ("millions of Americans are without health care can't afford specialists" is not an answer to "what are your thoughts that the wait time to see a specialist in Britain is nearly four months?").

Here's a bit more background on tonight's show:

BTW - I don't know what's sadly funnier - the strip that's running or the impeccable timing of your new launch!

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks, Paul! In the larger scheme of things, the timing's not so bad. If Raleigh is like most papers, they may conclude an angry response is better than no response at all. What papers want above all is for people to read them, even if they only read so they'll have something to complain about.

Thanks for the heads up about 20/20. I'll check it out and hope Moore gives straighter answers. That said, I do think pointing out that millions of Americans can't see specialists, while not being an answer, is at least an important counterpoint.

Paul said...

Hello Darrin

NPR broadcasts the Diane Rehm show. Their web site

has archived copies you can play back (and listen as you work?).

Tues Sep 18's first hour is

10:00Health Care Reform

The number of Americans without health insurance continues to grow and some say the country is once again ready to consider comprehensive health care reform. We'll talk about reform proposals offered to date by the current field of presidential contenders.

Joseph Antos, Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy at the American Enterprise Institute

Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA

Laura Meckler, reporter, Wall Street Journal

Paul said...


Here is the link for yesterday's Health Care Reform discussion on NPR. It's advertised as covering all proposals made by all the Presidential contenders.

There are both Real Player and Windows Media options for listening to the archive.

Here's one I saved as it was so interesting - from June 14 on the law and status of enemy combatants. Much of what we hear isn't quite the way it really is -

Ken said...

Let's see. You've linked the GOP to homosexuality and now returned to a plot line about an interracial marriage.
You really know how to win friends in the South. Perhaps you could work in making fun of gun owners and NASCAR.
If Candorville survives this I think you should win the first Nobel Peace Prize in cartooning.

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