Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fox News: Oh no, Obama (gasp) SMOKES!

A few questions to keep in mind while watching the latest salvo in the Faux News bombardment of Senator Obama:

1. So we haven't seen Obama smoke. Since when have we seen any politician smoke? Do they expect the Senator to fire up a Marlboro while he's on camera with Wolf Blitzer?

2. Why does the commentator who's apparently on this show because they want a Black man to comment on Obama make the argument that America only cares about the Senator because he's Black? Is this guy Fox's resident Irony Expert?

3. Where does the Media get off calling him "Barack?" Where do we all get off calling Senator Clinton "Hillary?" Do we routinely refer to White male Senators as "Trent," or "Edward," or do we give them the respect of using their title or at least their last names?

4. Since when does not smoking in public make someone duplicitous?

5. "Mammy?"


Hugo Estrada said...

Wow. I actually am starting to like Obama more ever since Fox News is spending so much energy in smearing him.

And it is also lame that the worse thing that they could dig up was that he smokes.

And why is that woman apologizing for him? Is she for real?

The Pete said...

The more I read about Obama, the more I like him. The more Fox News flails around with crap like this, the more desperate they seem. Smoking? Oh, come on.

Zach said...

Hugo & Pete, I concur. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," so if Fox is hell-bent on demonizing Obama, that must mean he's a great guy. I'm MUCH more interested in him after seeing how desperate Fox is to destroy him in these clips.

Chuck said...

Do I care if Senator Obama smokes or not? No. Do I care if Senator Clinton is a lesbian? (Truth be told, if she is it's likely she'll be out of the race soon!) Well, I do have an opinion, but what diffence would it make?
Sorry, folks, but I will make MY decision based on the candidate's political resume' and idealism. If I don't agree with the person politically, my vote goes elsewhere.

Of course, it's difficult to find me agreeing with a member of the DFL. It does happen, however. Not often, but it does happen.

Let's see...did President Clinton smoke? Cigars, right?