Monday, April 17, 2006

Candorville Nation

It's been a good couple months. Candorville is spreading like mad cow, and recently debuted in papers in Indianapolis, Muncie and Florida.

Today, Candorville also debuts in the Kansas City Star. What's surprised me over the past 2 1/2 years is that Candorville plays just as well in the Heartland as it does on the Coasts. There's just as much of a hunger for diverse points of view in red states as there is in the blue. Maybe Barrack Obama was right. Maybe America isn't red or blue, it's purple. Or violet. Whatever.


Luna said...

Congrats, Darrin! I've just started reading you in the Washington Post a couple months ago, and you've fast become my favorite comic.

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks, that's great to hear! I hope you'll consider telling the Post how you feel. Papers decide which comics to keep based on reader feedback.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Kansas reader, been reading Candorville online for years. Good to hear it'll be in the Star!

Chuck said...

I don't know exactly how long I've been reading Candorville, but I suspect it's been as long as it's been in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Let me run a brief summary of myself, first: 1) Republican
2) I seem to stick close to platform of the party.
and yet:
3) I've been through bankruptcy.
4) I do not agree with "No-fly" lists
5) I detest high prices, especially oil, and I do NOT favor giving major tax breaks to big companies just because they are big!

I've seen the Satire in Candorville. But I'm not a satire-liking guy. Yet, I see it done tastefully--and I simply remember: It IS* a comic strip. It shows us our social ills. And if we don't like it, we can do one of three things: 1) Ignore the strip. 2) Ignore the ills. or 3) Move somewhere to avoid acknowledging the ills.

What makes our country great is our freedom. This includes the Freedom to disagree. We can take things as seriously as we wish.

But we MUST remember: I doesn't matter what one's color may be, or nationality, or anything of that nature. We are ONE race: The HUMAN race. And as long as we are human, we will continue to see things differently, because we are different people.

Keep up the good work...and don't back off on the principles!

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