Monday, March 27, 2006

Newsflash: Scalia is not an impartial jurist

In an alternate universe where our leaders and our Supreme Court are rational, this guy would recuse himself from any cases involving the prisoners at Guantanamo. This quote alone is reason enough:

"I had a son on that battlefield and they were shooting at my son, and I’m not about to give this man who was captured in a war a full jury trial. I mean it’s crazy." The conservative judge’s son, Matthew, fought in the Iraq war.

But Scalia isn't in the habit of recusing himself when there's an apparent conflict of interest involving his son.


Mac said...

Yeah, well, Scalia and the whole of the Supreme Court sniffingly refused to hear Nitke v. Gonzales, a pretty critical First Amendment case on the Communications Decency Act and how obscenity is defined. Right now, it can be whatever any cracker prosecutor in Boggy Depot OK says it is, which is a bit of a problem for artists with any public presence (such as Ms. Nitke).

Giving a clear bead on what constitutes obscenity so there's clarity to the law would interfere with Justice Scalia's occasional capricious need to make obscene public gestures outside churches (and then threaten press photographers if they dare to print the record of it).

No federal prosecutor in Boston is going to hassle a sitting Justice with a law that that very Justice has participated in keeping deliberately vague. Recuse? Heh. Preservation of prerogatives is what it's all about with the current cabal of cheats and extortionists, no matter how cheap and gratuitous the act. I mean, obscenity is part and parcel of Dick Cheney's deportment in the Senate; how would it work for the veep if he couldn't tell Pat Leahy "go f*ck yourself" in open chamber debate?

smokinQ72 said...

I'm wonderin' if he'd be so impartial if he was the lawyer shot in the face with bird shot on a Tejas ranch/farm by a the veep under the, no wait, he wasn't drinking anything, RIGHT.
Living just outside of Memphis, it is sometimes funny how alarmed the citizens get when a regular citizen does something stupid, but they excuse the Bushies, etal. Sure wish your toons were in our Commercial Appeal, it would however be relagated to the editorial page with Doonesbury, Boondocks, and Mallard Fillmore. Sometimes the locals even protest BC and the Wizard of ID.

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