Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Seattle readers - Write to the Times Now!

The Seattle Times has switched to a 50" web which means less room for comics, and as one of the newest comics, Candorville's been squeezed off the page (last hired, first fired).

We know that despite the change-up, the editors at the Seattle Times like Candorville and there's a good chance they'd restore it to the page IF readers write in and ask them to.

If you're a Seattle Times reader -- in print, online or
anywhere in the country -- and you want to keep reading Candorville in the Times, you should e-mail the Times at timescomics@seattletimes.com and/or call them at 206-464-2200 and let them know you want to see Lemont, Susan and Clyde put back in the paper. Papers do listen to their readers.

As Lemont would say, the only thing worse than not trying is a spam sandwich. I still haven't figured out what he means by that.


Maureen said...

Darrin, I love Candorville, and I wrote to the Seattle Times to bring it back.

Darrin Bell said...

Thanks, Maureen! Hopefully enough people write in to make a difference. I've heard they've received enough letters from Times readers that they're now paying attention to the feedback, and there's a fighting chance they'll restore it. But you never know...

Erik said...

I just wrote them as well. I've been really bummed about them pulling the comic because it's one of the only good ones left. Interestingly enough, they also pulled 9 Chickweed Lane. Both are progressive comics, and the Times has a reputation for leaning to the right. Coincidence? Does the fact that they've been "testing" Prickly City for far too long seem like a coincidence as well?

I told them to get rid of the crappy doodle that is Sylvia instead.

God damn, if they didn't have such an awesome crossword, I'd...oh, never mind, I just steal the paper from my coworkers anyway. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

It pissed me off too and I've already written to them urging them to reinstate Candorville and get rid of something else. I agree more with Prickly City but Candorville's more real and funnier.

Anonymous said...

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