Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Candorville added to Ucomics!

Candorville, which already appears on (which carries mainly United Media strips), has just been added to (which carries mainly Universal Press Syndicate strips). In related news, the Whopper has just been added to the menu at McDonald's, and Burger King will begin selling the Big Mac.

According to Ucomics:

"Candorville centers around the interactions between Lemont Brown, an intelligent young writer, Susan Garcia, a business woman, and Clyde, an angry young man with a dysfunctional past. This is a strip that is unafraid to take on controversial issues, and has touched on everything from gay marriage to racial profiling. Creator Darrin Bell has a lot to say, and he does it through the inventive use of thought bubbles, his crisp drawings and his deep understanding about the interactions that make us human. As the series progresses, the bonds between the characters become more apparent. Readers are sure to embrace Lemont, Susan and Clyde as they begin their journey into Candorville, available on My Comics Page."


"Darrin Bell's Candorville is an insightful look at family, community and race through the eyes of Lemont Brown, a young black writer. Bell pulls no punches and delves into even the most controversial of issues. The wit and humor of the strip will draw you in."


Anonymous said...

I already get it on, plus there I can get my other favorites. I don't like anything on except Calvin & Hobbes, and I already have all the books.

But it's cool to have choices.

Darrin Bell said...

Added it this morning. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

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