Thursday, May 20, 2004

Star Trek: Enterprise NOT cancelled

Trek Today is reporting that, contrary to predictions, UPN has officially renewed Star Trek: Enterprise. In other news, high quality genre shows Farscape, Firefly, Odyssey 5 and Angel are still dead.

I'm beginning to think the only thing I need to do to keep a series I like on the air is not to like it. And vice versa. I've just now decided I love America's Next Top Model, Will & Grace, and the entire UPN network.

In all fairness, Enterprise improved a great deal in its third season. There were story arcs (okay, one long arc) with real consequences, there were a few genuine surprises, and they've given a reason for the formation of the Federation. Unfortunately, it isn't the same reason given by all the other Trek shows & films over the past 30+ years.

What's the point of making a prequel if it's not going to stick to the established stories and concepts?